Lining Up

Lining Up

As I was sitting in church this Sunday listening to the sermon it came to mind that just as we have a charge and a goal to live as Jesus lives and to be an example of His love to others in this world and to live holy and pure lives to please and to bring honor to Him, we can only do that by lining up our choices with those goals.  We need to examine the daily choices that we make and ask ourselves “are these choices lining up with my goals of living like Christ?”

In the same way, our health goals can only be met when we line up our choices with those goals in mind.  If my goal is to lose 2 lbs. this week then my eating, drinking and exercise choices and actions need to be lining up in accordance with my goals.

Sounds simple, I know, but think of all the times you have set a goal, but have never consciously asked yourself this very question, “Is the choice I’m making right now lining up with my health goals?”

Take some time today to examine yourself and be honest with yourself. Line up your actions with your goals!


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Tina Cotterill, Owner of TMC To Health, is a personal trainer for women based in Snohomish. An NFPT Certified Personal Trainer, a Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist, and a Hormone Specialist, Tina also is certified in CPR and First Aid. Tina sees clients one-on-one both in her no-pressure Snohomish studio or in clients’ homes. Learn more about Tina.


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