Tina Cotterill

Tina Cotterill, Owner of TMC to Health, Personal Training for Women in Snohomish
Tina Cotterill
Tina Cotterill, Certified with the National Federation of Personal Trainers
TMC To Health: Member of the IDEA Health & Fitness Association
Tina Cotterill, Spark Diabetes Prevention Program Certified Group Lifestyle Balance Coach
Tina Cotterill, Certified in CPR & First Aid by the American Heart Association

My name is Tina Cotterill, and as the owner of Snohomish-based TMC To Health, I provide personal training for women. I am a Certified Personal Trainer and a Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist through the National Federation of Personal Trainers (NFPT); certified in Core Conditioning, Female-Specific Training, and Understanding Hormones through the IDEA Health & Fitness Association; and a Certified Group Lifestyle Balance Coach for the Diabetes Prevention Program through SparkPro Training. In addition, I am certified in CPR and First Aid through the American Heart Association.

I am committed to your overall well-being. I want to help you reach your own personal goals through an exercise and nutrition program that is right for you. You have unique goals, and your plan should be tailored to you specifically. I am there to support, encourage, inform, and guide you.

Also, I’m not just focused on personal training; I counsel clients on how nutrition and hormones work together. I give my clients a comprehensive education in nutrition and well-being and have helped them to lose weight, gain muscle and strength, increase their balance, alleviate IBS symptoms, and decrease symptoms of allergies. I have a holistic approach to my clients’ overall wellness.

Unlike many personal trainers, I have experienced the ups and downs of weight control, and that alone helps me to give my clients hope. Living a healthy lifestyle is my passion, and I know how hard it is to change habits. I try to work with my clients in behavior changes and get to the root of why we do things, which helps them shift to a more positive mindset. I feel so blessed to be able to work in a field in which I am so passionate.

I see clients one-on-one in my no-pressure Snohomish studio or in my clients’ homes. Ready to get started? Contact TMC To Health today:

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